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Albuquerque Recruits
AlbuquerqueRecruits! addresses making ABQ an attractive place for businesses to locate. New business and investment in Albuquerque, along with support for existing business will lead to a sustainable, sound economy. With limited resources and increased competition, Albuquerque must prioritize certain aspects of its economy and play to its strengths. By encouraging entrepreneurialism, enacting specific policy changes and creating unique partnerships, Albuquerque will position itself to attract new business.

Albuquerque First
AlbuquerqueFirst! is all about the City and other institutions spending more of their dollars locally. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for communities to retain their existing businesses and industries. By fostering collaboration, partnerships and increased spending in our community, the City of Albuquerque will support local business.

Albuquerque Easy
AlbuquerqueEasy! is all about making it easier to do business here, and with the Planning Department in particular. City policies dramatically affect the overall business climate in a community and are oftentimes either a barrier or opportunity for business success. The City of Albuquerque will make specific changes in its Planning and Economic Development Departments in order to improve the chances of business growth in the city.

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